DoctorDose  -  Prevention is better than Cure : Dr. Vipul D Shah, BDS
Doctor Dose

DoctorDose  -  Prevention is better than Cure : Dr. Vipul D Shah, BDS

Published on 2019-03-27 15:56:13

This week, Jainam Shah, the head of Marketing at eVital sat down with Dr. Vipul D Shah, who is 45 and has grown up in Sabarmati.

Dr Vipul Shah has spent last 21 years practising dentistry at Panchshil Hospital and has helped thousands of patients get a relief from what is probably most painful time of our lives, that is our dental problems.

Dr. Vipul D Shah, Panchshil Hospital, Sabarmati

Jainam: There are only few more people in Sabarmati who needs an introduction so without spending time on it, I want to jump right in. How many patients on a weekly basis do you see and how do they find you?

Dr. Shah: Thank you for kind words. I see about 150–200 patients a week and I am proud to mention that most of the patients come because they have heard about my services through word of mouth.

Jainam: What makes you want to get up everyday and come to work?

Dr. Shah: I grew up watching my father, who is a renowned Physician, Dr. DP Shah, spent his whole life serving patients. Thus, I firmly believe this is a very noble profession where we have an opportunity to make people’s lives better first hand.

And, that is alone my biggest driving force since I joined Dental school.

Jainam: If you would like to change one thing, to improve patients quality of life, what would that be?

Dr. Shah: Even after 21 years in Dentistry, I am still amazed how people see Dental care as not important. People only appreciate dental health, when its too late. So, if I could change one thing, that would be more education regarding Dental health.

Jainam: What do you think about technology and future of medicine?

Dr. Shah: Just like any other aspect of our life, Technology is also changing how we carry our dentist practice. One of the big change was innovation of Digital X-Ray.

Jainam: What is one thing you wish you could convey to your patients more clearly?

Dr. Shah: Prevention is always, and I mean always, better than cure. It is also almost always cheaper. I wish to see new technologies coming up helping us form better habits such to prevent diseases.

Jainam: Indeed, that is our goal at eVital. We are working towards developing technology that help us take better care of ourselves and our loved ones. Dr. Vipul, it was pleasure talking to you. Thank you very much for your time.

Dr. Shah: Likewise. I appreciate the opportunity.

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