About Us

eVital is a wholly subsidiary of Equality Healthcare Pvt Ltd. Equality Healthcare has a technology development and sales office based in Ahmedabad, India.

Equality Healthcare Pvt Ltd is a collective effort of entrepreneurs & professionals with background in Healthcare, Technology, and Product Development. With more than dozen full-time employees, Equality Healthcare team comprises of PhDs, MBAs, and Engineers.

At eVital, we believe that medicines should be accessible and affordable by every person of society. While, we strongly agree that technology is a crucial element of modern life and can be extremely helpful in improving healthcare, we must do so in sustainable manner.

Neighborhood Pharmacies are crucial element of healthcare in assuring every patient has access to genuine medicines in a timely manner. It would be extremely devastating to society to uproot their existence. With that in mind, eVital allows patients to receive all the benefits offered by "Online Pharmacies", from their local and trusted Chemists.

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