PeoplePulse -  Mr. Chetan Patel, Municipal Councillor of Sabarmati Ward
People Pulse

PeoplePulse -  Mr. Chetan Patel, Municipal Councillor of Sabarmati Ward

Published on 2019-03-27 16:01:23

This week, Jainam Shah, the Head of Marketing at eVital ( had an opportunity and an honor to sit and have a conversation with Mr. Chetan Patel.

JS: Can you please tell us about yourself and your background?

CP: Sure. My name is Chetan Patel and I am 49 years old. I have been resident of Sabarmati all my life. Currently, I serve as a Municipal Councillor of Sabarmati Ward and I am also a member of Health Committee in Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation.

Mr. Chetan Patel — Municipal Councillor of Sabarmati Ward, Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation

JS: Does that mean you play role in defining policy that can affect 80 Lac people in Ahmedabad?

CP: It is true that I keep that perspective in my mind when I am working as public servant. So, yes I am one of the people who is responsible for shaping healthcare policy of the city and its people.

JS: Since we want to talk about Healthcare, let’s change gears a bit. Whenever you need, how do you purchase your medicines?

CP: I usually buy medicines from local medical stores. It is convenient and I trust them for their quality services as well as genuine medicines. Sometimes they also recommend a cheaper version of medicines but same efficiency.

JS: I agree. Have you heard about companies like 1mg, PharmEasy which offers online pharmacy services? Have you used them?

CP: Yes I have. But I don’t believe that few extra percentage of discount is worth it. Our local chemists have helped us getting our medicines on time for decades and myself being involved in serving the community, I think local medical stores is something all of us need.

When we need medicines in middle of night as emergency, Online Pharmacy is not going to deliver that for you. So, while I admire and welcome new business models and healthy competition, I think we should strike a balance between short-term benefits vs. long-term viability of local businesses.

JS: I understand your viewpoint behind supporting local businesses, but what about the convenience of customers?

CP: Yes, I should have added to my response. Local businesses must adopt cutting edge technologies and adopt services like free quick delivery, electronic prescriptions etc. to compete against Online Pharmacies to provide their customers highest quality of services.

JS: What is one thing you would like to change about your medication, your doctor visit or healthcare in general etc?

CP: I don’t have much to say about my medication. But I do observe lot of inefficiencies and needless suffering in Doctor’s waiting room. I think we should adopt westernized culture of appointments. Patient are usually uncomfortable when they visit doctor and making them wait for 2 hours in waiting room is just making it worse for them. People and patients deserve better care than that.

JS: As someone heavily involved in public service, what is the message you want to send across to society in terms of improving our health scenario?

CP: To businesses related to healthcare, I would suggest to embrace new technology to improve quality of services you provide. Every aspect of your life has changed in last 5 years by technology, why serve your customers the same way you treated 5 years ago.

To people, support your local businesses because few percentage of discount is not worth when it comes to your health. Make trust and quality service your priority when it comes to receiving healthcare.

Jainam Shah: Mr. Patel, thank you very much for your time. Indeed, it was pleasure speaking with you. On behalf of eVital team, we thank you for public service you do.

Chetal Patel: Thank you, Jainam. I look forward to see eVital making progress to shape health scenario of city of Ahmedabad.

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