SMART Health Check-up Camp by eVital
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SMART Health Check-up Camp by eVital

Published on 2019-05-29 21:20:23

eVital is a technology platform that is designed to help patients improve their health, manage chronic diseases and decrease its cost-burden.

If you wish to arrange for FREE Health Check-up Camp in your office, Society or apartments, please contact us at +91-9825321160

With that in mind, eVital team held its first SMART Health Check-up camp at completely FREE of cost at Suvidhi Towers,  Vejalpur, Ahmedabad.  To our pleasant surprise, more than 75 community residents participated in this camp and benefited from latest technology in measuring and managing their vitals.

Vitals are simple yet very critical health information that indicates people's health.  Vitals are even more important for patients who suffer from Chronic diseases like Hypertension (high Blood pressure) and Diabetes.  Thus, it is very important for those patients to check and monitor their Vitals regularly.

eVital team used latest technology equipment, to measure Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar levels, Blood Oxygen Saturation levels, BMI and Heart Rate.  Residents also installed eVital's Mobile app to record those vitals and store them for future record.

eVital app allows users to store and share health information with their loved ones and doctors.  Along with health information, eVital also helps users to order medicine and health care products at Discounted Prices from their trusted local Chemists within 24 hours free home-delivery.

Download your eVital App:

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